Hotel Mifare card locks

Mifare card
Mifare is manufactured by NXP (PHILIPS) and broadly used as radio frequency card with working frequency of 13.56M. Due to its multiple advantages, nowadays hotel and office usually prefers Mifare card smart lock.
Advantages of Mifare card:
Wide application: Public transportation system (i.e. subway, bus), city public cost (i.e. telephone, water meter), public toll system, financial bond, attendance management. Due to its extensive application and quantity, lots of manufacturers are supplying compatible cards of Mifare card.
All-purpose card: One Mifare S50 card is equivalent to put 16 cards in one chip. Therefore, in hotel, user can achieve access control, elevator control, AJ-TAS and consumption management with one all-purpose card.
Convenient multi-system combination: If to cooperate with AJ-TAS and elevator controller of guest control system, T5557 card lock must open data encryption algorithm and storage format; however, this is the core parts of T5557 card which will cause trouble once opened. By comparison, Mifare card eliminates this kind of issue. We can write encrypted data into sector 1 for electronic lock use while write room no., time and other unencrypted data into sector 2 for reading by AJ-TAS and elevator controller. This method provide security and ease.
High security: Mifare card and other high-frequency card cannot be copied.