Deluns Hotel Lock

Hotel Lock Key Specifications/Special Features:

hotel lock

hotel lock



Fashionable design Free structure handle, anti-violence opening, thicker than ordinary ones in market
Plastic cover treated for anti-scratch by card-swiping.
2mm built-in steel panel to reinforce solidity of lock and reliable anti-burglar
Suitable for hotels, high-grade offices and households use
US standard five-latch mortise with anti-pick function
There is no external wiring, installation is easy and reliable over time
Power supply: 4.7 to 6.5 and 4 x 1.5V DC
Battery lifespan: >15,000 times
Quiescent curre
nt: <27μA
Working current: <500mA, single-run 0.2 seconds Environment temperatures: -25 to 60°C Working humidity: 15 to 95%RH Inductive distance: 0 to 5cm Inductive sensitivity: Anti-static: >15,000V (instant)
Applicable chip: Mifare-1 (13.56MHz) and Temic-5557 (125kHz)
Frequency range: 125kHz to 13.56MHz
Materials: stainless steel and zinc-alloy
Finish: satin stainless steel and satin gold
Thickness: 7.5mm
Width: 130mm with curved end
Effective time of opening lock: 6 seconds
Alarm point of low voltage (beep and red light): 4.7V, another 100 times for opening afterwards
Lock-fail warning: door in unlatched state and beeps after five seconds
Data query: audit trail records last 992 unlocking transactions
Mechanical key: standard over-ride to ensure door to be unlocked in emergency
Software system: operation authority of all levels of operators can be set in system, meets five levels management
Door thickness: 38 to 80mm

No need of external network, PC network. Simple installation.

Self-carried black box, which can save 200~1000 record items.

Hotel lock chip adopts the international standard five-bolt structure.

Super-low power consumption, due to its unique technology.

The system lock requires four batteries power supply and can work up to one year.

Industrial advanced technology, non-touch lock all adopts the most advanced low-consumption microwave detection technology, which can detect card from black wallet.

Touch lock all adopts anti-short circuit design in order to increase battery life span.

Hotel lock adopts voice&light control which largely improve on-site diagnosis.