bluetooth door lock

bluetooth door lock

Deluns bluetooth door lock Smart Home Starts at the Front Door

Add secure, keyless entry to your home with Smart Lock for the front door.

Long Range Remote Control

Deluns Smart Lock can be controlled and monitored with

smart App from anywhere on the earth.

Remote Sending Time-limited Ekey

The house owner send a time-limited ekey for house cleaner .

For example the Ekey is valid only from 3 pm to 5 pm, the unlock record will be uploaded to the owner’s smart app by real-time.

Easy Setup
Deluns Smart Lock retrofits to your existing deadbolt in around seconds. It just works.

Our app controls all locks
The smart lock app can control the office lock, office access, parking lock, hotel lock, etc. no longer have to carry a bunch of keys.

Always Advancing
Deluns designs its hardware and software to work together from the ground up.

Smart Bluetooth Home Deabolt Door Lock with Mobile App Access

Function: It has 4 unlock options:

1.access codes

2.bluetooth via app

3.access card

4.mechanical key

(Must be programmed with smart phone first, the code can only be set on app)

This lock only has one administrator on smart phone, all other codes and eletronic keys can be controlled by this smart phone, you can easily give temporary(or timed) codes to others for their entry,

 You will always know who comes and goes, all records of openning will be sent to the admin smart phone.

This lock comes with a deadbolt,you can press “#” for 2 seconds to lock the door when you are outside, or you can turn the knob to lock the door when you are inside.

You can also set auto lock between 20-999 seconds, if it is set, the deadbolt will automatically locked after the time you set. And it will keep locked for about 30 seconds if you constantly put in the wrong code 3 times.

It is weather resistant, both great for exterior and interior doors.

Additional funtion

there is a button under the knob of back panel, if you press this button, people won’t be able to get in even they input the correct code from outside,

if you want to quit, just turn the knob once, people from outside will be able to get in with code again.

The handle orientation is reversible,

Standard Adjustable Deadbolt. Backset could be adjusted between 2 3/8″ and 2 3/4″

In case of dead battery